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Business Owners Insurance

Business owners are faced with the perils of an employer, a service provider, a lessee of property and much more on a daily basis. ING Insurance Services takes a careful approach in assessing how you are exposed and how to mitigate those risks.

Here are coverages to be aware of as a business owner that are offered in a Business Owner’s Policy or a BOP:

Improvements & Betterments, an important element of business owners insurance that covers your interest in the renovations made to the premises leased to you. Replacing these improvements can be costly and your lease agreement may not allow you to restore them at that location. ING takes the extra step in reviewing insurance requirements set forth in your lease so there is no discrepancy over liability and property.

Business Income and Extra Expense Coverage. Sold separately or as a combination, this provides business owners reimbursement for lost income and extra expenses incurred in the event of a covered loss. During a business’s period of restoration after sustaining a covered loss, there are expenses incurred. With no income, these expenses are difficult to pay for and they can range from rent for a temporary premises, supplier costs, payroll and more.  Business Income coverage or Time Element coverage will help you recover and get back to generating revenue for a profit.


Outdoor Signage, Utility Services that are down and result in a loss, personal belongings of managers or employees on premises, electronic data that is hacked. These are all limits that should be included in your Business Owners Policy.

Other means of protecting a business’s cash flow and investments through insurance products include Employee Dishonesty, Crime & Fidelity coverage. This coverage is designed to cover losses from employee theft, forgery, and fraudulent events that may occur from within a business. This helps protect important financial elements such as employee benefits, confidential financial information or even your customer’s property.

ING will take the time to carefully evaluate how your business is set up and what insurance products are most appropriate.