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Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance Plans for Businesses

ING Insurance Services partners with leading health insurance carriers so that you can offer a competitive employee benefits package to your employees. At ING we help businesses understand group health eligibility criteria set by each insurance company and under ERISA law as a whole.

Who Is Eligible for Coverage?
Whether you are a larger company that is required to offer insurance to employees or you are a small business opting into an insurance plan, there are specific qualifications for you to be aware of. These include:

  • If as an employer you choose to offer group health coverage to any one of your full-time employees, you are required to also offer coverage to all full-time employees who are also eligible.
  • As an employer, you generally have an option to offer coverage to part-time employees working less than 30 hours per work week but like above, if you offer to one, you must offer coverage to all part-time employees.
  • Under ERISA law, the group must have at least one full-time eligible employee enrolled in the plan.
  • The basis for offering group health insurance coverage for your employees disregards any medical condition of the employees. In other words, they cannot be denied due to any known pre-existing conditions.
  • In addition, any dependents of eligible employees will also be eligible for coverage under your group plan and in these instances, dependents include spouses, children up to age 29, and in some cases, unmarried domestic partners or other adults.

Ancillary products such as dental, vision and group life insurance can be built into an employee benefits package as well.

To learn more about ING’s group health insurance services for businesses, what your legal obligations are, and how you can get the best possible coverage for your employees, contact us today and let us show you how easy it can be!  

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