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Homeowners Insurance

At ING, we understand how much home ownership means to you and properly insuring the structure of your home and your contents mean just as much to us.

Homeowner policies are rarely looked at by homeowners although they should be thoroughly read through to ensure you are covered for the unexpected.

Does it include water backup coverage? What if your city’s main sewer line backs up into your home? Would you be covered?

Is your policy written on a basic form with limited perils covered or a special form that covers all perils except for those specifically excluded?

ING takes the time to conduct a full evaluation of the coverage you have vs. what you should have so that in the event of a loss, you are indemnified in every aspect of that loss.

ING Insurance Services expedites insurance binders for your big closing and services any insurance needs in regards to the mortgagee of your home.

Ensuring your home properly will allow you to rest assured knowing your prize possession is protected financially from the unexpected.

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