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Inland Marine

Your homeowners insurance policy covers personal property and contents however when it comes to fine arts, jewelry, collectibles and other items that are harder to indemnify and restore, you’ll need to take out an inland marine policy separately for these items.

Wedding bands, engagement rings, collectible  watches, rare artwork all need to be scheduled specifically either on an endorsement to your homeowners policy if your carrier offers it or on a separate inland marine policy.

Contents that belong to a business ranging from inventory in a warehouse to construction machinery on a flatbed can also be covered on an inland marine policy. Airborne and waterborne coverage is important to consider if your business is in wholesale/distribution and importing or exporting products.

Inland marine policies can also cover structural types of property such as, bridges, roadways, piers, docks, wharves.

ING Insurance Services will help you identify the right policy to cover your unique property needs. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner give us a call today!