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Liability Insurance

A product that offers coverage for your business from bodily injury and property damage to third parties that arise out of your products and business operation or at your premises. In addition, there are various forms of contractual liability, management liability, fiduciary liability and more that your business may be accountable for. ING Insurance Services determines what your exposure is and what product to cover it.

Owners & Contractors Protective Liability is a policy that covers a property owner that is having a renovation or construction job done at the insured premises. It will cover the owner as a supplement only to the general contractor's general liability for bodily injury and property damage to third parties that arises out of the work being done.

Contractors General Liability is a coverage that can be very complex especially in the state of NY. There are contractual limitations that need to be noted as contractors work on a contract basis and the wording in those contracts may not be covered on some general liability policy forms. ING will carefully evaluate your contract requirements and exposure to place a policy that will protect you from third-party lawsuits of subcontractors and other risks in a very hazardous industry.

Tenant’s Legal Liability, designed for tenants renting a premises, this limit should be included in your Commercial General Liability policy to cover you for damage to that premises in the result of your negligence. The coverage does not include damage to your products, inventory or stock as it is specifically designed for the structure itself.

Professional Liability Insurance or Errors & Omissions. This coverage protects your exposure to a breach of contracts, duty, trust and misuse of information that result in monetary losses to your clients. This product applies if you operate on a fee for service basis rather than offering any particular product.

Directors & Officers Liability (D&O). This policy covers officers, executives and board members of an association that may be personally named in a lawsuit for wrongful acts that result in a monetary loss to others. This coverage is popular for not-for-profit organizations, homeowner associations, condominium associations that have board members making important decisions.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI). Employers are more exposed now than ever to disgruntled employees and suits that arise out of employment practices. This product covers liability suits from wrongful employment acts such as; harassment, discrimination, wage and hour disputes and more.

Cyber Liability Insurance. This covers you from cyber-attacks that can expose your client’s confidential information and other sensitive data. You will be paid for the recovery of the lost information, response costs to notify those who have had their information exposed and even costs to hire a PR firm to handle the crisis management image of your business.

Media Liability Insurance is designed for media companies that broadcast content through the internet, print, television and other forms of media. This will cover an entity from claims of defamation, invasion of privacy and copyright infringement.

Pollution Liability is a specific type of insurance policy for businesses that operate with hazardous materials. This policy will cover injury and clean up costs due to various kinds of pollution such as bacteria, lead, carbon monoxide and more.

There's no exposure that ING Insurance Services cannot place coverage for.

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