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Life Insurance

Leaving a legacy can mean the world to your family members, partners, close friends, and Life Insurance is a special type of insurance that allows you the opportunity to financially support those that mean the most to you, even after you’re gone.

Life Insurance is a protection plan when leaving behind a legacy of assets to beneficiaries without the tax burdens that come with estate planning. The death benefit on a life insurance policy is fully customizable and paid out in days.

In its flexible nature, life insurance can serve the needs of any financial circumstance whether it’s an accumulating cash value policy meant as an investment or just pure insurance protecting against financial liabilities that are left behind.

ING insurance services understand the delicate nature of life insurance and how your decision now can have an everlasting effect in the future. That’s why we carefully assess your personal financial status in regards to your liabilities vs. your assets and what you could unexpectedly leave in the hands of your heirs.

We believe in options and added value which is what all of our products offer.

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